Soap that doesn't cost the Earth...

Posted by Emily Smith on

When I started SustainaBe, one of the first products I stocked was the Friendly Soaps range. I already loved using them and they ticked a lot of boxes for me in terms of ethics, being local to West Yorkshire and most importantly being completely plastic free and biodegradable.

When customers ask me why Friendly Soaps, I explain they are handmade in Yorkshire, vegan, cruelty free and SLS/paraben/triclosan free. I get brilliant feedback from customers, and it is especially satisfying if they have tried many types of synthetic cleansers but prefer Friendly Soaps.  I've recently had a customer tell me after years of suffering acne on her back, the amazing Tea Tree and Turmeric Soap has cleared it!  What is not to like?

Recently I have been asked why are Friendly Soaps so cheap?  People seem to be suspicious of things that are so reasonably priced, after all, it is very easy to spend £10 or more on a single bar of soap from a high street chain, and eco-friendly products have a bit of a reputation (sometimes correctly) for being more expensive than 'normal' products.

So, I asked Friendly Soap... their answer was that they keep prices deliberately low so that consumers are able to choose a natural product over commercial industrial soaps.  This makes sense to me as it is in keeping with their ethical stance on other things, such as paying a living wage. I'm so glad that these eco-friendly soaps are not only for those who can afford to pay a premium for eco-friendly products.  It shouldn't have to cost the Earth to help it!