Iron & Velvet Water Soluble Cleaning Sachets (single sachet)

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Iron & Velvet's Luxury Cleaning Products have developed these innovative water soluble cleaning sachets which mean no more single use plastic cleaning bottles!  Simply use an old trigger spray bottle, add a sachet to 500 ml of lukewarm water (250 ml for the oven and floor cleaners) and shake until it dissolves.  You can also use a glass or metal bottle to store your cleaner and each sachet comes with a handy sticker to put on your chosen container. 

The sachets are manufactured in the UK and use plant derived, sustainably sourced active ingredients, including pure essential oils where possible to fragrance the products.  As a result, up to 70% of Iron & Velvet's products are fully natural ingredients.  The sachets themselves are made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) which has been approved for use in pharmaceuticals, so is a safe alternative to plastic.